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Issuer Credit and Covered Bond Ratings

Issuer Type of Rating Standard & Poor's Moody's
HYPO NOE Landesbank für
Niederösterreich und Wien AG
Issuer Credit Rating 'A/A-1' (stable) -
  Public Sector Covered Bond - 'Aa1'
  Mortgage Covered Bond - 'Aa1'
State of Lower Austria Issuer Credit Rating 'AA' (negative)1 'Aa1' (stable)
Republic of Austria Issuer Credit rating 'AA+' (stable) 'Aa1' (stable)
Standard & Poor's 'A/A-1' Issuer Credit Ratings, Outlook "stable" 
Moody's Public Sector Covered Bonds and Mortgage Covered Bonds both rated 'Aa1'

1 Unsolicited Rating

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