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Vision, Mission Statement & Values

Our vision

As the bank of Lower Austria, we are the financial centre of excellence for Lower Austria, Vienna and the Danube region and we act as a regional bank at the highest level focussing on public sector financing, the entire range of real estate services as well as the local retail and corporate customer business providing tailor-made, secure and sustainable financing solutions by accompanying our customers as a reliable and trustworthy partner.

Our mission statement 

The mission statement summarises our HYPO NOE philosophy. The guiding principles state that:
  • We are the regional bank for Lower Austria.
    As a regional bank that is wholly owned by the state of Lower Austria, we make an important contribution to the economic development of the province – to growth, progress and innovation. We have the know-how and experience to provide financial solutions of the highest quality to local authorities and other public sector bodies, as well as to business and retail customers in Lower Austria, Vienna and across the Danube region. Another staple business is real estate services, where we focus on the entire value chain.

    However, our commitment to the region is not limited to our business segments – it includes our sponsoring activities and support for social initiatives, the arts, culture and sport.

  • Our success is rooted in traditional values and durability.
    The roots of the HYPO NOE Landesbank in Lower Austria go back to 1888. Support for projects that are consonant with our values is an article of faith. Our business model is conservative and focused on sustainable growth. Thanks to our decades of experience we know what we are talking about, and provide advice in the areas where our expertise lies.
  • We value reliability and stability.
    We take pride in the trust placed in us by our customers. Safe, stable investments are a cornerstone of our business. We cultivate risk awareness and work for sustainable corporate earnings, expanding our services and capacity step by step. This approach is the hallmark of our treatment of our customers as well as our relationships with our staff. It enables us to look back with pride on more than 130 years as a stable banking partner and employer - and the experience and trust that go with them.
  • Closeness to customers is at the heart of everything we do.
    The customer is at the centre of all our efforts. Our traditional headquarters location in St. Pölten puts us on the customer’s doorstep. We work for our customers’ future in growth markets, developing bespoke solutions. Our customer relationships are based on sustainability, dependability, quality and trust. The Bank’s versatility means that we can provide customers with excellent advice in a wide variety of areas.
  • Our excellent people are the key to our success.
    Staff who are committed to high quality and performance underpin our success. Mutual respect and teamwork create a constructive climate, in which we are all equal partners. A functionality-orientated organisational chart and clear lines of communication allow us to respond rapidly to changes in the operating environment. Efficiency is maximised by a high degree of creativity, flexibility and personal responsibility. Our people make the bank a centre of excellence. Entrepreneurial thinking combined with social responsibility forms the backbone of all of our activities. Our staff are able to make decisions in the roles assigned to them. Staff training is a high priority, and to this end our people are given frequent opportunities to develop professionally and personally. This is the lifeblood of our pursuit of excellence.
  • We take our responsiblities to our region seriously.
    In line with our role as the Lower Austrian state bank and a flagship of Lower Austrian enterprise, we make sure we give something back to our home region. We are committed to sustainable business practices. And beyond our banking business, too, we want to be a reliable partner to the region and its people, as well as to the institutions and associations that are involved in shaping the future of the state of Lower Austria. We give a helping hand to the people in our core market, through marketing partnerships, sponsorship and other forms of support. Together with them, we take the lead on initiatives that we believe we will be proud of in future, lending strong support for our owner’s vision and actively promoting the development of the Danube region.

Our values

  •  Excellence
    We offer our customers optimum solutions and services customised to their individual needs. We see ourselves as a guarantee of successful projects – and quality at every stage in the process.
  • Enrepreneurial
    Only the best work for HYPO NOE Landesbank. The touchstone of our corporate culture is enjoyment of our work, and enthusiasm for the full range of exciting possibilities. And we attach the greatest importance to the education and development of our staff.
  • A personal contribution to the team
    The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All our staff take individual responsibility for their work and their personal performance. We recognise and reward individual merit, but are fully aware that success is only achieved by working together. Mutual support and encouragement is the substance of our daily lives.
  • Direct and open communications
    Our dealings with our customers and colleagues are characterised by respect and appreciation. This allows us to work together with a maximum of openness and gives us the courage to address unpleasant issues. This culture of active feedback in our work forms the basis for effective, long-term and successful cooperation.
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